Theories and Functions of the Family

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  • Sociological Theories
    • Functionalism
      • Murdock
        • 4 functions of the family
          • Primary Socialisation
          • Reproduction
          • Sexual
          • Economic
      • Parsons
        • 2 irreducible functions
          • Primary socialisation of children
          • Stabalisation of Adult personalities (warm bath theory)
    • Marxism
      • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles
        • Bourgeoisie controls the family in 4 ways
          • Ideological Function
          • Inheritance of property
          • Unit of Consumption
          • Punch Bag theory
    • Feminism
      • Radical Feminist
        • Firestone- families are patriarchal and exploit and oppress women.
      • Liberal Feminist
        • Oakley- men and women have the potential to be equal. Oppression is a result of gender role socialisation, but men are not to blame.
      • Marxist Feminist
        • Rubin- the nuclear family meets the needs of the bourgeoisie and men and exploits and oppresses women.
      • Difference Feminist
        • Hook- all women have different experiences of living in the family. We must consider the experiences of all women.


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