Sociological Key Terms

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  • Sociological Key Terms
    • Rules - these are the expected behaviour set by society.
    • Mores - ideas about what behaviour is right and wrong
      • Norms - normal and expected behaviour
        • Values - shared beliefs about how to act
    • Culture - the way of life for a certain group of people
    • Nature Theory - the idea that we act as we do because we're born that way
      • Nurture Theory - the idea that we act as we do because we're taught how to behave by others
    • Socialisation - the process of learning the rules of a culture
      • Process of socialisation - learning the norms, values, mores and rules of your culture
    • Agency of socialiastion  - a organisation that teaches peoplwe how to behave in society
    • Status - the respect others give to you
      • Wealth - the amount of possessions you own
        • Gender identity - ones sense of self either as female, male or transgender


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