Socio-cultural factors

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  • Socio-cultural factors - Psychological explanation!
    • Family theories - abnormal and inadequate patterns of communication within families of sch patients.
      • Bateson et al 1956 - double bind theory. Members of sch families communicate in a destructive and ambiguous fashion.
      • AO2 - Berger found sch reported a higher recall of double bind statements by their mothers.
      • Liem found no difference compared to normal families.
      • Ethical issues regarding placing the blame on Mothers.
    • Expressed emotion - interactions with the family play a key role.
      • Family members that are highly critical and hostile to each other.
      • Individuals who have suffered from sch and live with families that have high expressed emotion are 4 times more likely to relapse (Kavangh).
      • A02 - Mischler & Waxler found significant differences in the way mothers spoke to their sch daughters compared to their non sch.
    • The social causation hypothesis - members of lower social classes are more vulnerable to sch.
      • Turner & Wagonfield - fathers of sch tend to belong to lower social classes.


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