German Society by 1945

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  • Society by 1945
    • Hitler wanted to create a national people's community or Volksgemeinschaft
      • this was also linked to Hitler's racial theories
      • this ideology was reinforced through extensive propaganda
    • The regime didn't manage to destroy people's perceptions of class or loyalty to the Church
    • DAF
      • replaced the trade unions which were now banned
      • included workers and employers
      • ran training courses and offered various perks
    • RAD
      • 6 months
      • compulsory for 18-25yr olds
      • basic living allowance
      • military uniform and exercise
    • education system and Nazi youth movements were key in moulding young people
      • they became prepared to devote themselves to the glories of the nation, racial purity and the war
    • young people
      • differentiation between the male and the female curriculum
      • indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology
      • Nazism was anti-intellectual - in education emphasis was placed on preparing people fro their roles in Nazi society
      • young people were encouraged to show uncritical devotion to Hitler an the State and were encouraged to accept discipline
    • KDF
      • Strength through joy
      • organised workers leisure time
    • beauty of work organisation ran propaganda campaigns to popularise good working habits
    • Women
      • marriages had to be genetically pure
      • unproductive marriages could be terminated
      • encouraged/pushed into motherhood
      • encouraged to give up work
        • some laws forced them out of their jobs
    • Roma and Sinti were persecuted and seen as an inferior race
      • included in the Nuremburg Law of 1935
        • this banned their marriage to Aryans
    • the disabled were portrayed as burdens on society
      • in the summer of 1939 a euthanasia programme was set up
    • Jews
      • Kristallnacht 9-10th November 1938
      • war conquests added more Jews to the German Empire - subsequently they were forced into Ghettos
      • discriminated against through the Law for the Restoration of the Civil Service and the Nuremburg Laws
      • the Wannsee Conference of January 1942 came up with the Final Solution in which 6 million Jews were gassed in camps like Aushwitz, Chelmo, Majdanek and Treblinka


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