anglo saxon society . tegan burnby

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  • society
    • shire reeves
      • the shire reever,or sheriffs,were the kings local government officials and they worked within to carry out his instructions.
      • their duties included:
        • collecting revenues from the king
          • revenues: money coming in before bills are taken off.
        • collecting the geld tax
          • geld tax:a tax on land originally to pay off the vikings (danegeld) , it went to the king.
        • collecting fine from the shire.
    • Anglo-Saxon society.
      • 5 main groups
      • king
        • earls
          • thegns
            • peasants
              • ceorls
              • slaves
        • 5 main groups
    • hides
      • hides were how people measured land. 1 hind was around 120 acres. a peasant would usually own around 1 hind.
    • danelaw
      • the part of England where danish (vikings) power had been strongest and which has kept some of its danish laws instead or Anglo-Saxon ones


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