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  • Societal Attitudes
    • When the young girl is giving birth, Paraiti isn't allowed to heal her with traditional medicine. It is frowned upon by Pakeha.
    • Maori use the back/side door into pakeha houses as the front door is only for pakeha people.
    • Maraea believed her daughter would have a better life as a Pakeha. Pakeha get land, money, houses, superior to others, maori are lower people.
  • Identity
    • Maraea and her daughter are both maori.
      • Maraea bleaches her daughter to look white.
      • Doesn't teacher her about culture or heritage.
      • Changes her identity due to societal attitudes.
    • Paraiti is totally immersed in her own culture.
      • Teaches Waiputa about her maori heritage (even though he is whangai) - carry on the culture.
  • Cultural Comparison
    • The maori girl is trying to have a baby, Rebecca is trying to kill one.
      • Maori understand the preciousness of life, Pakeha don't.
      • Even though Rebecca is technically maori, her values don't resemble that of a maori (i.e Paraiti)
      • Rebecca was willing to sacrafice anything, even her own wellbeing, to rid herself of her child.


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