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  • Does Socialism require revolutionary change?
    • NO (fundamentalist socialists)
      • Webb believed in the 'inevitability of gradualism' - i.e. slow, steady change within the existing political system.
      • Later democratic socialists (for example, Benn) believed that the existing state required reform rather than abolition.
      • Euro-communists believed the capitalist state would eventually wither away but could accommodate major socialist reform in the meantime.
    • YES
      • Marx argued that the pre-socialist state reflected the interests of the dominant economic class - it would not allow the promotion of socialist views. Marx also believed revolution was historically inevitable.
      • Lenin believed revolution was necessary to pre-empt the horrors of capitalist development and stifle 'false consciousness' among the masses.
      • Trotsky believed that 'permanent revolution's needed until all capitalist states had disappeared.
    • NO (revisionist socialists)
      • Early revisionists like Bernstein believed that, with universal adult suffrage, the existing state could allow socialist governments and steady, socialist change.
      • Social democrats like Crosland and Third Way revisionists like Giddens believed that, with the advent of a welfare state, the existing political system could ensure steady increases in public spending and therefore steady progress towards a fairer society.
      • Giddens believed the existing state's structures could be reformed (via devolution for example) so as to produce greater political equality.


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