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  • Must socialism involve the abolition of private property and capitalism?
    • NO
      • Social democrat revisionists, like Crosland, stated that increased public spending - not public ownership - was the key to more socialism. Steady increases in public spending were possible if capitalist economies grew steadily, which would occur if Keynesian economic policies were properly applied.
      • Third Way revisionists, like Giddens, argued that a thriving Neo-liberal economy could provide the state with a growing tax yield, thus financing the extra public spending socialism required.
      • The globalisation of capitalism, and the spread of home ownership in the states like the UK, simply forced socialists to reconcile their core values to a society where private property was ever-present.
    • YES
      • Socialism's core values include:
        • Equality; private property generates inequality.
        • Fraternity and cooperation; private property promotes individualism and competition.
      • Marx, Engels and disciples like Rosa  Luxemburg believed that private property (capitalism) led to exploitation and oppression of working people. Marx and Lenin also believed that the collapse of capitalism was historically inevitable.


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