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  • Is Marxism redundant?
    • NO
      • Just as Marx deduced, capitalism remains unstable and volatile.
      • Capitalism continues to leave a legacy of poverty and gross inequality, particularly in developing economies.
      • Globalisation has weakened the power of national governments, reinforcing Marx's argument that economic power supersedes political power.
      • Regimes such as the USSR and China were a distortion of Marxist principles - nowhere in Marx's writings is there explicit justification for the horrors that followed. Just because they were misapplied does not mean that Marx's theories were invalid.
    • YES
      • Far from communism marking the 'end of history', recent history has marked the end of communism.
      • The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-1990 signalled the failure of an attempt to bring Marxist principles to effective fruition.
      • The attempts at implementing Marxist principles were not just unsuccessful; in the USSR and China, they were catastrophic, leading to repression, torture and genocide.
      • Capitalism has not imploded, as Marx forecast. Instead, its reach has become ever wider, penetrating states that are either formerly or currently Marxist-Leninist(for example, Russia and China).
      • In advanced capitalist states, the working-class has not risen to revolution, as Marx predicted. Instead it has taken on the characteristics of the bourgeoisie (private property) while enjoying the benefits of market economies.


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