Primary and Secondary Socialisation

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  • Socialisation
    • Secondary Socilaisation
      • Media
        • If the media stereotype against a certain religion then *** will influence you into holding a specific at***ude towards them.
      • Religion
        • Different religions teach different values that you will learn, follow and apply them to your everyday life.
      • Education
        • You may be peer pressured into holding a certain view or behaving in a certain way if you are being taught that frame of mind.
      • Peers
        • As a child, a lot of time is spent around friends and therefore you are bound to pick up some of their behaviors which they were taught through primary socilisation.
      • Work
        • If a certain ethnic minority were to misbehave within your place of work, then you are more likely to hold certain views towards them.
    • Primary Socilisation
      • Parents
        • Parents are the ones who bring you up and therefore are typically a child's role model, meaning you are likely to copy some of their behavior.
      • Siblings
        • If one of your siblings does something then you are more likely to follow them as a child tends to look up to their siblings.
      • Relatives
        • Having an interfaith extended family will increase tolerance towards different religious groups.


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