Taylor and Hall et al - New criminology

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  • Social Theory of Deviance - Taylor et al.1973 + Hall et al.1978
    • Nature of deviant process as a whole - Real causes of crime were not addressed + hidden by the criminal justice system.
    • The wider origins of the 'Deviant Act'.... In the 1970's it was a period of 'Britain Crisis' - international down turn in capitalist economies.....
    • Immediate origins of the 'Deviant Act' - Riots in inner-cities + conflict in Northern Ireland - high levels of strikes
    • 'The Actual Act'..... - mugging according to the police was more likely to be carried out by those from African-Caribbean backgrounds
    • The immediate origins of social reaction - Media outrage of muggings linked to racism among police.
    • The wider origins of social reaction - A scapegoat such as young African-Caribbean individuals to blame for.
      • Outcome of social reaction on the deviants further actions.... Injustice among ethnic minorities leads to loss of confidence in communities.....


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