Social responsibility

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  • Social Responsibility
    • J's crime violated an implicit social contract prohibiting them from causing harm to others - his decision to let Steve take the blame is an even greater dereliction of his social responsibility
    • J shows he understands the nature of his crime and his deception is calculated-he constructs a story that belittles Steve and puts himself in a favourable light but is always ready to forgive him
      • "junk em', Steve, we can afford it. But alone he was afraid"
    • Labels are given which link to the degrees of responsibility within society - show the importance place on honesty and responsibility
      • "Big men" "little men"
    • Ironic that the people who suffer for J's crimes are those risking their lives to protect others
    • Kate's tenderness towards Chris in act 3 implies she will achieve redemption
      • "Live"
    • Injustice - people have accepted J back into the community
      • "You play cards with a man you know he can't be a murderer"
    • Larry's death shows J he can't view society separate from his family - Larry's death is a synecdoche for all the pilots killed by the cylinder heads
      • "They were all my sons"


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