Social psychology - conformity

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  • Conformity
    • Types of conformity
      • Compliance
        • Conforms publicly but privately disagrees
          • Asch 1951
            • 37% conformity
            • Majority influence
      • Identification
        • Changes views publicly and privately, for a brief period of time
          • Clark 1998 - 12 angry men
            • Minority influence
            • More defectors do not mean a higher influence
      • Internalisation
        • When the views of a group are internalised and held for long periods of time
          • Zimbardo 2002
    • Factors affecting conformity
      • The size of the majority
        • Asch
          • A greater majority leads to a higher influence
      • The importance of time
        • Asch was carried out again but the results were different
          • So we cannot generalise findings
    • Why do people conform?
      • Dual dependency model
        • Normative social influence
          • The need to be  accepted
        • Informational social influence
          • The need to be right
      • Social identity theory
        • Referent informational influence
          • the pressure to conform with the norms set by a group because we have defined ourself as a member of that group
        • Meta - contrast principle
          • the tendency for group members to see strong similarities between themselves and other members of their group and to see large differences with other social groups.


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