Social Policy and Education

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  • Social Policy & Education Timeline
    • 1944 Butler Education Act - Introduced Free Secondary Education to all children, 11+ examination selects for either Grammar or Secondary Modern
      • 1951 GCE & A level exams introduced for pupils at Grammar Schools
        • 1963 Robbins Report extends university provision for more people - Polytechnics (now metropolitan Universities) Set Up
          • Circular 1965 Labor Government instructs all Education authorities to plan comprehensive schools so all children have access to same opportunities.
            • 1970s School Leaving age rises to 16 for all children
              • 1973 GCE Exams introduced for pupils at secondary modern schoolds
                • 1979 Thatchers New Right Conservative Government is elected. This changes the philosphy of education to one where equality is not important, but 'free market' economy takes over
                  • 1979 Most Children are in Comprehensive schools, but not all. Some grammar schools still survive!
                    • 1979 First education act of Thatcher government is to repeal the laws that promote comprehensive shcools
                      • 1980 Assisted Places Scheme - Gifted children are given funding to attend private and public schools thus subsidizing the income of independent schools.
                        • 1988 ERA - Schools are given control over their own finances and power is taken from local education authorities and given to school governors.
                          • 1988 Education Reform Act - New Right Government introduces National Curriculum which all children must study this is a list of subjects and what must be taught.
                            • 1988 GCSE introduced to replace GCE and CSE for 16 year old..
                              • 1990 - Top up loans for students sees gradual erosion of student grant system
                                • 1991 - Standardized Assessment Test (SATs) introduced and children are tested at 7,11,14 and GCSE
                                  • 1993 - Many Schools (Direct Grant) allowed to claim funding from government and not local education authority
                                    • 1994 - A* examinations introduced at GCSE for better candidates
                                      • 1996 - GNVQ examinations introduces to encourage practically and applied subjects in schools.
                                        • 1997 - 'New' Labor under Tony Blair elected but continues education reforms that are similar to those of previous conservative government.
                                          • 1999 - Devolution from England for Scotland and Wales, Welsh education systems being to differ from those of England more noticeably.
                                            • 2000 - Reform of A Level exams into 6 unit modules with AS for 17 year old.
            • Comprehensive Schools dont break down class differences because of setting and steaming to ability (middle class students in top sets)
      • Grammar Schools fill up with the children of the middle classes and there was wastage of working class talent!


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