Social Policies

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  • Social Policy
    • Giddens
      • Sociology can inform policy makers of cultural differences
        • Sociological research helps see if policies work and develops greater self understanding
      • Giddens claimed 4 practical benefits
        • 1. understanding of world
        • 2. heightened understanding of groups
        • 3. asssessment of 'what works'
        • 4. Increased personal knowledge
      • Middleton et al
        • Sociological research helps see if policies work and develops greater self understanding
        • conducted pilot studies to increase rates og pot 16 ed. EMA increased rates 6% suggest paying money = encourage = EMA policy 2004
    • Positivism and Functionalism
      • sociologis role to provide state with objective/ scientific info
        • helps state base policies on
        • favour cautious approach tackling one issue at a time
          • ;piece mean' approach
          • CTITIQUE MARX societies structure needs to be addressed as a whole not one at time - equal opportunities are counteracted by dist power
            • Social Dem Perspective policies should be aimed to dis rich to poor ie. townsend poverty inadequet
      • funct state/ gov act in interests of all. Policies into help harmony + equality
    • Marxism
      • ed policies need to equalise op for kids defeated by influence of poverty
        • need to solve basic structure
      • Social Democrat:
        • policies favour the wealthy. Research on poverty and made reccomendations for policies ie. high benefits
          • CRTIQUE MARX
            • policies aren't enough to solve problem. cap responsible for these inequalities need to be abolished
      • social policies serve interests of CAP ; maintains workforce NHS + exploitation
      • policy serves cap 1) ideological legit, maintain work force 3) means prevent revolution
      • policies can benefit but are easily reversible.
      • sociological research just a 'tool' prevt cap ie. funding
      • CRITIQUE
        • unrealistic/ impractical
        • Social Dem: marx ignores policies that benefit poor
        • Fem: Maintains via social policy
    • Feminism
      • much policy is in favour of male stream ie. maternity predicting female caregiver
        • hard to get out of DV because tax system male orientated
      • State cont oppression via state policies ie. assumption of 'nuclear family hetrosexual'
        • makes it hard to live in any other kind of fam
      • Liberal Feminist- research helps promote women, teacher training avoid gender bias
      • Radical 'Purdy + baby  strike to overthrow patriarchy - state policies reflect men
    • NR
      • don't use state welfare to fix social prob
      • state intervention ie. income support, education, healthcare robs people of individuality = worsens problems
      • Social policies should emphasise greater need for personal responsibility
      • Murray: welfare b too high + cousel housing lone parents weakens family's independence.
      • Support zero tolerance policies
    • Weber
      • sociology shouldn't tell policy makers how to fix society
      • Weber argued help policy makers tell if successful or not cost/benefits
    • Post Modernists
      • Bauman sociology should inform social research worries what will happen if soc research isn't listened to ie. marganalisation of welfare state
      • Lyotard modernist metanarratives strict/ oppression in policies


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