Social Policy

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  • social policy
    • Functionalists
      • State acting interests of society social policies good for all. Make life better
        • Fletcher welfare state supports family performing functions more effectively ie. NHS family taken care of
      • Evaluation
        • Assume all members benefit feminist believe only benefit men
        • Marxists politicians turn policies back ie. cutting benefits
    • New Right
      • existing policies undermine the family, generous welfare state.Stop self reliance ie. housing unmarried
      • Murray benefits 'incentives' reward antisocial. Lone parents= boys w/o male role model.
      • Evaluation
        • Feminists NR justify patriarchy
          • wrongly assumes patriarchal nuclear family is natural rather than socially constructed
        • cutting benefits = poor poorer
    • feminist
      • reinforces patriarchal ideas. Tax + benefits assume husbands main wage earners
        • = dependence
      • Evaluation
        • Not all policies maintain patriarchy ie. equal pay
      • Diana Leonard maternity leave not fair think women domestic
    • Marxist
      • benefits not benefit all srve capitalism low pension = too old
      • don't believe in welfare benefits = happy improvements are just concessions
      • Evaluation
        • Functionalists not interest ruling class
        • Feminist Marx ignore detrimental effect on women


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