Social learning theory

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  • Social learning theory
    • Bandura et al
      • Observation and vicarious reinforcement as he conducted an experiment and made children observe a model acting aggressively towards the Bobo Doll the children imitated the same behaviour when allowed to interact.
        • Lacks ecological validity
        • Psychological harm
        • Demand characteristics
        • Real life application on a clown which showed the same result
    • Perry et al
      • Found those with high self efficacy tend to resolve conflicts as opposed to those with low levels of self efficacy.
    • Philips
      • found that in the US crime rates increased after a boxing match
    • Nature nurture debate
    • Context dependent as it depends on the situation
    • Cultural diffrences
    • Vicarious reinforcement
    • Observation
    • Mental representation
    • Self efficacy eg bullying


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