Social Learning Theory

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  • Social Learning Theory
    • Basics
      • Models
        • information about behaviour, consequences of behaviour
        • family, peer group, the media
      • Imitation
        • copying whole units of behaviour
        • depends on expectations and cognitive beliefs
      • Aggression
        • Banduras bobo doll - Aggression, imitated
        • learnt from the environment
      • Observational Learning
        • Requires attention, memory
        • learning from just being exposed to models, no need for reinforcement
    • Limitations
      • ignores introversion and extroversion
      • highly artificial bobo doll experiment, doesn't show  everyday lives
      • doesn't account biology and genetics in aggression
    • Assumptions
      • behaviours which are rewarded will be imitated
      • humans learn by observing the behaviour of others
      • cognitive processes are key
    • Strengths
      • used scientific method to study learning
      • less  mechanistic view of behaviour
    • Mediating cognitive factors
      • 1- attention- more attention= more relay, less attention= less relay
      • 2- retention processes or memory
      • 3- motor reproduction processes, assessment of ability
      • 4- motivational processes, or observed consequences


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