Social Issues Quotes

Quotations and their analysis on the topic of social issues in the Victorian period for use in the context part of the exam.

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  • Social Issues
    • PROSE
      • Dickens, Oliver Twist
        • ‘suffered the tortures of slow starvation'
          • Sibilance emphasising the longitude of their suffering, makes time slow down
      • Engels, The Conditions of the Working Class
        • "The workhouse is a jail"
          • Extended metaphor through his prose
      • Tess
        • ‘The little finger of the sham D’Urberville could do more for you’
          • Alec finds her in the grave of her ancestors while her family is trying to find a home
          • Shows that the rich have the power - none of her ancestors can help her
    • PLAY
      • AWoNI
        • "Things that were out of the reach of hope before, may be in hope’s reach now"
          • Act 1: Optimistic view of the permeable boundaries which Lord Illingworth shows him
          • Conflates "hope" with being of a higher class - can only achieve things this way
        • Lord Illingworth describes the poor as "Life's sores"
          • Metaphor showing a callous lack of concern
        • Lord Illingworth describes helping the poor as a "Special vice"
          • Normally considered a virtue = epigram - huge debate just generalised as a vice
        • Lady Caroline on the poor: "Blankets and coals should be sufficient"
          • No understanding of the harshness of the poor's life
    • POETRY
      • A Song for the Workers
        • ‘Is it just to grasp the honey / while oppression chokes the bees’ 
          • Metaphor for how the workers are making the rich richer - exploitation
        • ‘Truth must fire her minute guns’
          • Personification / metaphor = suggests truth will have little impact & military imagery suggests an ongoing battle
      • The Song of the Low
        • ‘The rich are high - for we make them so’
          • Exploitation of the workers by the rich, antithesis between the classes
        • "We're low, we're low - we're very very low"
          • Repetition / speech = poor place
        • ‘We’re far too low to vote the tax / But we’re not too low to pay’ 
          • Antithesis emphasising the class distinction
  • ‘We’re far too low to vote the tax / But we’re not too low to pay’ 
    • Antithesis emphasising the class distinction


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