Social Influences on Gender Roles

A selection of studies that may be useful, with some evaluation points and just general points to be made. :)

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  • Social Influences on Gender Roles
    • Most research that has been described in this mind map is heavily biased to western cultures.
    • Peirce (1993)
      • Carried out a content analysis of magazines aimed at young teenage girls and found girls were portrayed as unable to solve their own problems
    • Durkin (1995)
      • has argued that television has provided a source that promotes gender sterotypes
    • Fagot et al (1992)
      • measured the effects of parenting styles by comparing egalitarian families (shared roles) with traditional families
        • Found children in traditional families tended to use gender labels earlier supporting the view that parents are important role models
    • Archer and Lloyd (1982)
      • Found that children as young as three criticsed peers who engaged in cross-sex play.
    • Lytton and Romney (1991)
      • Carried out meta-analysis of studies that had looked at the parental treatment of boys and girls.
        • Findings: Showed boys were more likely to be smacked than girls were
          • Has a very large sample size, however most of the studies have been carried out in westernized countries making findings specific to those.
          • Original research may have needed parental consent (Ethical Issue)
    • Schools may influence gendered behaviours via hidden curriculum, role models and reinforcements.


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