Social influences on gender

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  • Social influences on gender
    • Peers
      • As child's social world expands outside of home, peer groups become another source of gender development.
      • They offer a model of gender appropriate behaviours.
      • Perry and Bussey- Showed film clips to children aged 8-9. Boys and girls were selecting and apple or a pear in film. Later given a choice of fruit and boys selected what the boy selected in film , same with girls.
      • Peers also provide feedback when a friend steps outside of what is accepted as 'appropriate behaviour'.
    • AO2
      • Some psychologists take the view that peers are the prime socialising agency of gender development, unlikely to e important in early childhood.
      • It's likely that peer behaviour does not create gender role stereotypes but simply reinforces existing ones.
      • Roopnarine- Observed preschool children play and found that when a male type behaviour was reinforced in girls behaviour continued for a shorter time when male type behaviour was reinforced.
        • This suggests peer reinforcement mainly acts as a reminder.


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