Social influence plan

All information has come from Collins Psychology A book

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  • Social Influence-Persons attitude/ beliefs modified by people around you
    • Types of conformity
      • Comp, Inde,individ- Deutc+ Gerr dual proc model- Normative, informational
    • Research to conformity
      • Asch- 32% 12/18           75% once     ,varia- Gain part, reading aloud, non unanimous
      • Crutchfield- (facing), individ diff       ,Perr spen- Time cult
    • Conformity to social roles
      • Zimbar- situati: Eval ethics
      • Orlando rep- mock psych ward, Haslow + Reicher crit Tryanny&
    • Obedience to authority
      • Milgram-100% 300 65% 450      10%disobe  40% saw    92.5% some else
        • Hofling- 21/22 nurses     Rank+Jacob-not obed       Bickman- Uniform
    • Why do people obey?
      • Auth legit,      Agentic shif-binder anx+ign fear           , Buffer, grad commit
    • Individual differences
      • Kholberg-Moral reas, Locus-blass yes Austria no. Perr-confidence, Gender-society roles
    • Implications
      • Hofling- more training         Milgram- Evryone evil, foot in door,  Orlando- Training
    • Minority  influence
      • - Succ, Consistan, non dogmat, age gender
      • Why? Consis- inter indiv, Intra agree minority
        • Snowball effect, Group membership moscivici 32% consis
    • Why do people not obey or con
      • Desire to be individ- Synder, Desire to control- Burger,        Prior commit
      • Empa/ResponDisobe model       Q motives


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