Environmental Impacts On Darfur

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  • Environmental Impact on Darfur
    • Cause and symptom of conflict
    • Desertification (pop growth/climate change) has led to fight over scarce resources
    • Continued Deforestation
      • 1.Lack of Government control
        • amount of tree felling not controlled due to break down of law and order
        • So little resources means UN and private aid groups are struggling to devise a 'Do No Harm' policy
      • 2. Making Bricks
        • A lot of wood and water needed to fire kilns
          • destroys habitats, increased soil erosion, desertification
        • 52000 trees burnt each year
      • 3. Timber used to build IDP camps and relief workers accommodation
        • 2.8 displaced, timber needed to make shelters
      • 4.Replacing Homes
        • Wood needed to build homes after war, 12/16 million trees needed
      • 5. Corruption
        • Government sponsered militias profited from selling different kinds of hard wood eg, mahogany
          • accelerated deforestation
    • Damage to Land
      • 1. Grazing land burnt by SLA rebels, migration routes blocked by conflict leading to over grazing
      • 2. Farms and Villages burnt by Janjaweed
        • Pollution of water table, sever soil errosion
    • Water Depletion
      • Aid groups dug bore holes to provide water
      • mostly hard rock so rain water washes away


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