Population growth and density

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  • Social/ Economic Factors That Affect Population Change
    • Agriculture
      • Where there is arable farming, the populations a lot more dense for example India
      • Eastern USA is densely populated as it has
      • Pastoral farming (animals) can support fewer people therefore lower densities
    • Energy and minerals
      • In densely populated areas there tends to be lots of mineral
    • Industry and trade
      • There is a strong link between the location of manufacturing and the density of the populate. Countries that manufacture a lot of products have a high population density
  • Factors Affecting Population Growth
    • Education
      • Fewer children means more money for parents
      • Higher education level means improved standards of living
    • Agricultural change
      • Better farming techniques have been introduced which often use technology
        • Less children needed to work on farms - lower birth rate
    • Urbanisation
      • Rural to urban migration is common in poor countries


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