social development of children

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  • Social development: dev of self -awareness, attachment to parents or caregivers, and relationships with other children and adults
    • step 1: self-awareness
    • step 2: core of soc dev - emotional attachment (close emotional bond)  with caregivers -
      • eg: baby monkey exp by harlow - monkeys stuck to the terry cloth mother showing attachment begins with contact comfort (pleasant, reassuring feeling human and animal infants get from touching or clinging to something soft and warm)
      • there is a sensitive period during which attachment must occur for optimal dev - most babies are more capable of attachment as they grow up
      • around 8 to 12 months, babies display separation anxiety (distress when separated from parents)  - mild degree is normal; when more intense : separation anxiety disorder
      • Attachment quality: revealed by how babies act when mothers return after a brief separation
        • securely attached - stabe and positive emotional bond; upset by absence and seek to be near her when she returns
        • insecure avoidant: anxious emotional bond; turn away when she returns
        • insecure-ambivalent: anxious emotional bond ; mixed feelings - seek to near her and angrily resist contact with her - children become anxious and remote, dont like to make eye contact or touch


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