Psychological explanations - Sociocultural

The outline and evalution of the sociocultural approach to explaining psychological reasons for Schizophrenia.

Includes: Family dysfunction, labelling and EE

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  • Socialcultural explanation
      • Tienari - found that children might have the schizogenic gene but dependant on their upbringing will depend on whether this gene develops into schizophrenia
      • Brown - found relapse rates are higher in EE families
      • What is the cause of EE?    Have families turned to EE because or relapse….. OR Because the schizogenic has grown up in the EE environment which causes the relapse
        • Cause or effect is unknown
      • Nature vs Nurture debate
      • The socioculture factors causing schizophrenia only look at the environment and ignore any genetic or biological reasons
        • Reductionist
      • Theory doesn't provide any viable means for treatment
      • Face validity


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