Social Cognition Models

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    • TPB
      • consistently accounts for large variance (Armitage & Connor, 2001)
      • attitudes, SN and PBC predict intention. Intention predicts behaviour
      • Criitique: lack of experimental evidence (mainly correlational), little to say about behaviour CHANGE,
      • Succesfully prediction intentions in chlamydia testing intentions (Booth et al., 2013)
    • HBM
      • perceived benefits, barriers, susceptibility, severity lead to action
      • Criique: explains modest variance, how are concepts defined?
    • MHLC
      • Locus of control, internals, externals, powerful others, chance.
      • Critique: explains small variance, less predictive
    • TTM
      • precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance
      • processes of change: 5 experiential processes and 5 behavioural processes
      • mediators of change: SE and decisional balance
      • Critique: are states of change necessary? little evidence for predictive validity, few experiments


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