Representations of class

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  • Social class
    • Upper class: always shown in a positive light, romanticised. Rosy picture. As a result of good breeding E.G. Downton Abbey
      • Middle class: overrepresented in the media, middle class values are presented as the norm and most journalist are MC so the media reflects their views
      • Lower class: (Newman) they are presented in a negative manner and seem illiterate. Poverty **** is on the rise and GUMG's study on the minor strikes shows media is bias
  • Neo-Marxists: Drip Drip (slowly influenced into accepting middle class norms) and 74% are MC so media is bound to be bias
  • Traditional Marxists: Hypodermic (immediately influenced to believe capitalist ideology) Milliband (opium of the masses) and marcuse (false needs)
  • Pluralism: Audience has the control to switch off, Media reflects society and investigative journalists expose the trouth


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