Social Behaviour and Communication

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  • Social Behaviour and Communication
    • Animals need to communicate
      • Keeps group together
      • Sees predator - warns others
      • Communication of mood avoids fighting
      • Baby animals can communicate needs to parents
    • Sound
      • Whales and dolphins communicate over long distance using low-freq sonund
      • Birds' calls used to declare territory, attracts a mate, warns others about predators
    • Chemicals
      • Pheromones
        • Released by an animal to tell others where it is or where it has been
      • Many animals use chemical scents to mark the boundary of their territory
      • Other chemicals can act as sexual attractants
        • E.g. moths - males can detect the female's pheromone from far away
    • Visual signals
      • Honey bees move in a certain way to show they have found food
      • Mammals communicate certain intentions through body language and gestures
      • Chimps intimidate by staring or raising an arm
      • Courtship behaviours: dances, gifts, elaborate nest building
      • Facial expressions - however, they mean different things to different species


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