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  • Social Approach- Definition and Methodology
    • Methodology
      • An alternative hypothesis suggests a definite difference will be found in the data.
        • Null hypothesis states there is no effect expect that due to chance.
      • You could interview participants, this involves meeting them face to face, asking questions and recording the answers.
        • The three types of interview are; structured, unstructured and semi-structured interviews.
      • A written survey means there is no flexibility about the questions. Questions are closed and a Likert-type scale is used.
        • When designing a survey consider your sample, its size and how representative it is.
    • Definition
      • The study of how our behaviour is influenced by the presence, attitudes and actions of other people.
      • Using research methods social psychologist investigate, the effect of culture on our behaviour, why we help others and what happens when we join groups.
      • As well as big topics such as the origins and mechanisms of prejudice and obedience.


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