benefits of a society

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  • Social and Cultural Benefits
    • Social Cohesion
      • the rights of each individual and group are upheld
      • All members of a community feel valued and respected.
    • The arts
      • Can demonstrate worldwide culture
      • Gives a deeper understanding of diversity
    • Food
      • 'Halal' meat may be required
      • Tailored to an individuals health requirements
    • Language
      • Gives a person the opportunity to work abroad
      • As Britain is becoming more multicultural, being multi/bilingual is proving to be more beneficial
    • Education
      • Promotes equality
      • Educates a person about diversity
    • Tolerance
      • accept and understand another persons values
      • professionals must be open-minded and mature
    • Cultural Enrichment
      • Improves the life of everyday people
      • Creates a bond between service users and providers
    • Economic Diversity
      • Gives Britain a variety of fashions and ways to dress
      • New techniques, equipment and software can be used


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