Social values

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  • Social Values
    • UK
      • Democracy
        • Right to freedom as it involves the right of free speech
      • Teamwork
        • Working as part of a team is a traditional British value
        • It featured as part of the empire
      • Individuality
        • Value of individual is important in UK and underpins democracy
    • Australia
      • Impact of Egalitarianism
        • Egalitarian society is one in which all people are deemed equal
        • Egalitarianism reflects freedom and democracy
        • Australia sport is not subjected to social class divide
      • Legacy of Bush Culture
        • Bush Culture describes positive approach with settlers faced up to hardship
        • It reflects individual courage and enterprise
        • Inspires teamwork and promotes egalitarianism and eliminated class privilege
      • Land of fair go
        • Spirt emerged from egalitarian ethos and bush culture mean that everyone was equal and without prejudisim everyone has opportunity
        • Concept associated with democracy and supports aspirations of individuals


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