social psychology - sociocultural factors evaluation

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  • sociocultural factors evaluation
    • Urbanicity
      • Cannot be sure living in urban environment increases social stress of individuals compared to rural environment
      • General health is usually considered better in urban areas than rural because of easier access to healthcare, higher employment rates and better educational levels
      • Those living in urban areas may experience higher social capital
      • McKenzie et al 2002 - proposed higher levels of social capital may protect use from stress
      • Unclear how mechanisms underlying urbanicity work, it would just be social stress or it should be complex combination of other factors
    • Social isolation may be cause or effect
      • Research suggest causal role of social isolation
      • Jim van Os - claimed single people who lived in neighborhoods with few other single people were more at risk of developing schizophrenia due to increased isolation and loneliness
      • Suggests this is a valid explanation of schizophrenia
      • However, it is difficult to tell whether it is a cause of schizophrenia or a sign of early psychosis
      • Until an intervention strategy is implemented, we will not know whether it is a cause or effect


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