Social Psychology: Prejudice Case Studies

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  • Sherif Et Al (1954) Robber's Cave Experiement
    • AIMS
      • explore how competition/frustration of group's goal can lead to prejudice attitudes to the outgroup
    • Social Psychology: Prejudice Case Studies
        • CULTURE
          • Baldwin (2017)
            • All cultures are somewhat ethnocentric- prejudice to outsiders
              • some cultures try to be more diverse others don't- but still show covert prejudice
                • this = micro-aggression, which some justify with kindly support of the inferior
                  • e.g not wanting a homeless shelter built but giving a homeless person money
          • Wetherall (1982)
            • replicated Tajfel expt in a New Zealand School
              • polynesian immigrants more generous to outgroup caucasian classmates
                • shows they are more of a collectivist culture
    • SAMPLE
      • Volunteer- 22 11 y/o middle Boys from Oklahoma
      • Matched pairs- 2 groups of middle class, protestant boys
      • Field Expt
      • IV- if atmosphere was competition/co-operation
      • DV- prejudice
      • Covert Observation
      • Stage 1- Group Formation
        • non-competitive activities to bond in-group members
          • e.g building campfires
      • Stage 2- Friction
        • groups told of each other's existence- tournament with medal and trophy prizes took place.
      • Stage 3- super-ordination
        • watch movies together and eat together to increase social contact
        • super-ordinate goals (e.g fixing a truck) require group's co-oping
      • Stage 1
        • Groups establish names- Rattlers and Eagles
          • Social norms and leaders form
            • Rattlers: tough, swear lots
            • Eagles: anti-swearing, cry more
      • Stage 2
        • both groups dev. rapid hostility to each other
          • name calling
          • fights and scuffs
          • raid and trash cabins
          • burning other group's flag
        • by end- 6.4% rattlers have outgroup friends, and 7.5% eagles
          • those with out-group friends seen as snakes!
      • Stage 3
        • initially ineffective but all friendly on bus home
          • 36% rattlers outgroup friends and 23% eagles


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