Social Psychology: Obedience Case Studies

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  • Social Psychology: Case Studies- Obedience
    • Milgram (Variations)
      • EXPT 10: Rundown Office Block
        • AIM: if  institution impacts results
        • PROC. CHANGE: study moved to office block in bridgeport, not Yale
        • RESULTS: ppts more doubtful- one made notes about legitimacy of expt
          • CONC: inconclusive as results didnt differ as much.
      • EXPT 7: telephonic instructions
        • AIM: if distance to experimenter impacts results
        • PROC CHANGE: experimenter out of site giving telephone instructions
        • RESULTS: only 9 obey instead of 26
          • CONC: easier to disobey when not face to face
      • EXPT 13: ordinary man gives orders
        • AIM: to see if legitimate authority has an impact
        • PROC CHANGE: "ordinary accomplice" gives instructions when exptr leaves room
        • RESULTS: 16/20 disobeyed
          • CONC: people dont follow regular persons orders as readily
        • suggest harsh style of parenting may lead to some having an authoritarian personality
        • Blass- those watching with authot. less likely to blame teacher for responsibility
        • BLASS- linked locus of control and obedience
        • Kilham & Mann (1974)- 40% males obeyed, 16% females- so theyre less obedient
          • BLASS did a meta analysis and found only this and Gupta's 1983 variations shoewed differences
        • K&M (1974)- 0% obedience in cntrl group with australian psych students- during time of  anti war demonstrations and campus unrest.
          • BLASS: 61% obeyed in US, 66% other countries- no significance
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