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  • Social Psychological Factors - Obedience
    • Agentic State
      • Agentic state is a mental state where a person feels no personal responsibility for their behaviour as we believe we are acting for an authority figure
      • Agentic state means they are acting as an agent
      • An agent can experience high anxiety when they realise what they are doing is wrong, but feel powerless
      • Binding Factors
        • Milligram claimed there were binding factors that kept his participants in the agent state
        • Binding Factors allow people to ignore the damaging effects of their behaviour
          • The Participant had been paid so may have been felt obliged to continue
          • Pressure of the Surroundings
          • If participants hesitated the authority figure told them to continue
    • Autonomous State
      • Autonomous state is the opposite to agentic state
      • You are independent and free to follow their own principles and have a sense of responsibility for their actions
    • Agentic Shift
      • The shift from an autonomous state to an agentic state shown in Milgram
    • Legitimacy of Authority
      • Legitimacy of authority is an explanation which suggests we are more likely to obey people who have authority over us
        • The authority that parents, police etc hold is legitimate, it is agreed in society
        • Legitimacy of authority, implies knowledge and legal power, it comes from having a defined social role
        • In Bickmans study researchers ordered passer-bys to pick up litter. The guard in uniform was the person people obeyed the most because we seemed legitimate authority


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