Social networking and internet security.

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  • Social networking and internet security.
    • Social Networking?
      • An online community where people can share information and communicate.
        • Link- Allows users to navigate around a webpage or app.
          • Sites such as twitter, instagram, snap chat etc.
        • Blog- Short for weblog, an online journal where people can post daily.
          • News Groups
        • Chat rooms.
        • Wiki
        • Virtual words
    • Strong Passwords
      • Capitall letters
      • Numbers
      • Change it reguarly
      • Special Characters.
    • Phising- Retrieving somebodies personal information via malicious email
    • Virus- something that can encrypt and corrupt data/ a computer.
      • Malware- the general term for viruses, spyware, trojan virus, spam etc
    • Hacker- Someone who can encrypt code to discover information


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