WBQ - Solutions on saving minority languages

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  • Social Media
    • Opportunities
      • If taken interest, the information about minority languages would spread rapidly across social media by the users.
      • Technology is used a lot so there's more of a chance for people all ages to see the information
    • Threats
      • If the information isn't shared around much then the post will slowly become non-existent on people's newsfeeds meaning they wont see it.
      • Other ads may dominate any information about minority languages so people may not see or take any notice of the information
    • Weaknesses
      • Not everyone has access to social media
      • Not everyone has a social media account
      • People may not take any interest and not share it around
      • Some social media sites may not allow the ads
    • Strengths
      • Used by millions of people everyday
      • Information can be spread around on social media very quickly
      • Ads are on social media that is seen everyday by millions of people who are able to click to see more information
      • Language courses can be promoted on social media which can share the information very quickly
      • Can promote awareness of minority languages on social media
      • People can share their views on minority languages and help come up with new ideas to how to save the languages


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