social learning theory

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  • Social Learning Theory
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • cognitive factors in learning
          • gives more complete explanation of learning than behaviourist
          • we store info about behaviour of others and used to decide when its appropriate to perform them
        • cultural differences
          • media - cultural norms transmitted
          • children understating of gender roles - role models
          • biological only explained universal not cultural
        • less determinist (free will)
          • reciprocal determinism - influenced by environment but we still influence the behaviours we perform so we have some free will
          • more realistic and flexible than behaviourist - recognises the role we play in shaping our environment
      • Limitation
        • Relies too much on lab studies
          • demand characteristic- children observed in lab settings
            • purpose of bobo doll is to hit it - children behaved as expected
        • Underestimates the influence of biological factors
          • boys showed more aggression than girls - regardless of experimental condition
            • difference in testosterone levels
              • underplayed importance of biological factors in SL
    • Assumptions
      • Bandura-  learning also happens in social context through observation and imitation of others behaviour
      • vicarious reinforcement
        • observe people's behaviour and its consequences
        • rewarded behaviour is more likely to be copied
      • Meditational processes
        • 1.Attention     2.Retention   3.Motor Reproduction4.Motivation
      • identification - imitate behaviour from who they identify (role model)
    • BoBo DoLL study - Bandura


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