Social Learning Theory

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  • Social Learning Theory
    • What is it?
      • 1. Paying Attention to a behaviour
      • 2. Retaining and remembering the behaviour
      • 3. Reproducing the behaviour
      • 4. Gaining motivation to carry on reproducing the behaviour
    • Role Models - the person the observer copies the behaviour from
      • Usually the same sex as the observer
      • Admired
      • High Status
      • Usually older
      • Have something that the observer desires
    • Strengths?
      • Supported by Bandura, Ross and Ross
        • Adult acting aggressive towards the Bobo doll - most children reciprocated the behaviour
      • Kubinyi 2003
        • Dogs watched owner press handle on a box to get a ball 10 times, dogs reproduced the behaviour
      • Includes elements of cognitive processes that classical conditioning and operant conditioning don't consider
      • Useful for the treatment of OCD
      • Can explain the learning of a new behaviour
    • Weaknesses?
      • Difficult to test as behaviour may not be reciprocated straight away
      • Experiments may lack validity
      • Some experiments are carried out on animals so it is difficult to generalise


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