Social Learning Theory

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  • Social Learning Theory
    • AO1
      • Bandura (1963) - children learn primarily through observing role models
      • If they see role model being rewarded for aggressive behaviour (or not punished) will replicate
      • If child is praised for behaviour (or rewarded in some way) they will repeat it
      • Also have to be confident in ability - if it doesn't work for them, or not confident, will use other means
    • AO2
      • Bandura et al (1961) KEY STUDY
        • Bobo doll study
        • Kids copied adult behaviour, especially if rewarded
      • Phillips (1986)
        • Homicide rates increased in the week after a major boxing match
      • Ethics in testing
        • Exposing kids to aggressive behaviour they may imitate affects them for life
        • Need to protect participants from psychological or physiological harm
      • Explains cultural differences
        • Some cultures do not display/reward aggression, so aggression is not imitates


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