Social Influence-Types of Conformity and Explanations

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  • Types of Conformity and Explanations for Conformity
    • Types of Conformity
      • (Kelman, 1958)
        • Compliance
        • Internalisation
        • Identification
    • Explanations for Conformity
      • Normative Social Influence
      • Informational Social Influence
    • Evaluation
      • Research support for normative influence: Linkenbach and Perkins(2003) found that adolescents exposed to the simple messsage that the majority of their age did not smoke were subsequently less likely to take up smoking
      • Schultz et al(2008)-found hotel guests exposed to the normative message that 75% of guests reused their towels each day, reduced their own towel use by 25%
      • Normative influence may not be detected- Nolan et al (2008)-suggests that individuals do not recognise the behaviour of others as a causal factor in their own behaviour
      • Research support for informational social influence-Fein et al(2007)


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