accuracy of eyewitness testimony

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  • accuracy of eyewitness testimony
    • misleading information
      • description
        • loftus and palmer- critical questioning with the verb smashed, collided , bumped - this estimated higher speed with verb smash
        • post-event discussing can alter eyewitness memory of event
        • leading questions suggest the desired answer
        • conformity effect as pps discussion with others can influence the recollection
    • anxiety
      • description
        • Johnson and scott - weapon focus effect reduces accuracy of face identification
        • Loftus et al - monitored eye focus when weapon was present - weapon was the focal point
        • stress reduces performance on complicated cognitive tasks
        • yerkes-dodson effect - explains high accuracy at moderate levels of anxiety and low accuracy when anxiety is high or low
    • evaluation
      • pickel-weapon focus due to surprise not anxiety
      • Deffenbacher et al- real life studies show even less accuracy than lab studies so lab findings actually underestimate the effects of anxiety
      • Halford et al - type of crime affects recall as violent crimes more accurate than non-violent
    • evaluation
      • real-life EWT may be more accurate as lb studies not taken seriously
      • yullie and cutshall- witnesses to real crime fed misleading information but still accurate recall shows real life EWT is more resistant to mis leading information


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