Asch's Research: Conformity - Social Influence

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  • Social Influence: Asch's Research
      • Naive ppts not aware that the others were confederates.
      • Each naive ppt tested individually with group, between 6 and 8 confederates.
      • Confederates then ordered to give same wrong answers.
      • One card - standard line, other card-3 comparison lines. One of the 3 lines was same length as standard and the other two were always different (clearly wrong).
        • Asch tested conformity by showing ppts two large white cards at a time.
      • Overall, 25% didn't conform on any trials, meaning 75% conformed at least once.
      • The naive ppt gave wrong answers 36.8% of the time.
      • Ppts interviewed after - said they conformed to avoid rejection.
      • Asch Effect - used to describe the result. (Extent to which ppts conform even when situation is unambiguous)
  • Ppt then asked which of the 3 lines matched the standard.
    • 123 male Americans


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