Social Influence and Change

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  • For permanent change, people conform through internalisation (publicly and privately).
  • 1) Drawing attention - to make people consider viewpoint.
    • Social Influence and Change
      • 4)augmentation principle - Minorities suffer for their views, seenas more committed.
      • 2) Cognitive Conflict - minority creates a conflict between what majority group members currently believe and the position advocated by the minority. Meaning maj thinks deeper into issues being challenged.
  • 3)Consistency of position - Minorities more successful when they express arguments consistently.
  • 5) Snowball effect - minority has small effect but this spreads more widely as more people consider issues.
  • Social Change through majority influence - Social norms approach holds that if people perceive something to be the norm, they alter their behaviour to fit that norm. Behaviour is therefore more based on what people think others believe and do.
  • Social Norms Interventions - start by identifying a widespread misperception relating to a specified risky behaviour within a target population.


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