Social Influence

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  • Social Influence
    • Conformity - Majority Influence
      • Normative social influence
        • Desire to be liked and to 'fit' in with a group
        • Peer pressures for example, smoking and drinking
        • Asch supports this theory.
      • Informational social influence
        • The desire to be correct
    • Types of conformity
      • Internalisation
        • Publicly changes their behaviour to fit in with the group.
      • Compliance
        • Agrees publicly to a group but actually disagrees with them.
    • Obedience to authority
      • Why people obey
        • Agentic state
          • People will obey when it is not their responsibility for the consequences of their actions
        • Uniform
          • Gains a high level of responsibility (Milgram's study)
        • Buffers
          • Can't see the consequenses of their actions (Milgram's study)
        • Gradual commitment
          • Small gradual increases. Participant doesn't feel much is asked of them. Milgram - 15v each time
    • Milgram's study
    • Explanations of independent behaviour
      • Locus of control
        • Internal
          • You make things happen
        • External
          • Things happen to you
      • Resisting pressures to conform
        • Anonymity
          • More likely to be independent if they cannot be identified
      • Resisting pressures to obey
        • Authority figure with no uniform = lowered status
        • Distant authoritive figure = far away/on the phone
      • Social Change
        • Moscovichi
          • Suffragretts
            • Consistency
        • Whole society adops a new belief/behaviour which becomes widley accepted as the 'norm'


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