social influence overview

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  • Social Influence
    • Conformity: Types
      • Types: identification,internalising & compliance
      • Informational social influence: the need to be right
      • Normative social influence: the need to be liked
    • Asch's research
      • Variations: unanimity, group size and difficulty
      • STUDY: say which line was the same as the standard line
      • FINDINGS: 75% conformed at least once, 36% every time
    • Zimbardo's research
      • Randomly assigned guards or prisoners
      • Each conformed as guards became aggressive and prisoners got sad
      • One on hunger strike, another left after one day
    • Obedience: Milgram's study
      • Included two confederates:learner and experimenter
      • Participant or 'teacher' had to give electric shocks up to 450V
      • 65% went up to 450V and data shows tension, sweating and trembling
    • Situational Variables
      • Proximity:  fell to 30% when had to place hand
        • Location: 47.5% in offices
          • Uniform: 20% when experimenter is member of public
    • Social Psychological
      • Agentic = acting for someone else Autonomous= behaving with own principles
      • Legitimacy of authority: earned right to be in charge
      • Binding factors: to reduce moral strain
    • Dispositional Influences
      • Authoritarian personality more likely to obey
        • Adorno's F scale test
    • Resistance to social influence
      • Social support in conformity and obedience
      • Locus of Control: External vs Internal
        • Internal more likely to resist due to being self confident
    • Minority Influence
      • Consistency
        • Commitment
          • Flexibility
            • Process of change


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