Social Dependancy

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  • Social Dependancy
    • Lower socioeconomic status continues differences later in life
    • Women tend to have better quality of life but retire with less money
    • Social care
      • Helping to meet the needs of adults with daily activites of living
      • Maintaining independance
      • Promote social interaction
      • Protect from vilnerable circumstances
    • Care Act 2014
      • Promote individual well being
        • Protect from abuse and neglect
        • Enable control
      • Prevent exacerbation of needs
      • Assessment of needs
      • Promote integration with NHS
    • Social care is a means tested service
      • This creates unmet needs and exacerbates dependancy in the long term
    • Functional decline can be halted or reversed if support is provided early
    • Challenges
      • Increased demand
      • Decreased funding from local government
      • Increased costs but decreased wages
      • COVID


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