Social Democracy

AQA A2 Ideolgies 3B

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  • Social Democracy
    • 19th- Early 20th Century
    • Used by both Revolutionary and Evolutionary Socislists
    • Late C20 it became known as a more moderate type of Socialism
      • Committed to democratic methods and a pluralist political system
    • Centre of Political spectrum
    • New Labour version of Social democracy is the 'Third Way'
      • Response to a post Thatcher Consensus that had gripped Britain since the 1980s
      • Accepts free market with control over monopoly powers
      • Promotes competition in public service i.e. Education
      • Accepts decline of Public subsidized housing
      • Accepts privatization, also introduce partnerships between public and private sectors
      • No attempt to control economy, instead introducing measures of stability
      • Not restoring union powers but strengthen workers rights
      • Accepts inequality but has a minimum wage and minimum standard of living
      • Taxation on income to be low and business tax to be reduced
      • Giddens: Policies after 1992


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