Social Class- out of school factors

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  • social class- out of school factors
    • material deprivation
      • lack of material (housing and income)
      • half as likely to get 5 A-C at GCSE when on free school meals
      • may have poor absences due to poor health
        • inadequate housing
        • poor nutrition
      • Smith and Noble
      • However, schools are funded by the government
    • language
      • Bernstein
      • working class use a restricted speech code
        • fail to develop necessary language skills
      • middle class use an elaborate code
    • labour market
      • more opportunities for social classes (as well as women and people from ethnic minorities
        • influences their attitude towards their education
      • competitive job market
        • not everyone can have the best jobs
    • socialisation and culture of the working class
      • Sugarman + Hyman
        • highlighted that working class children are culturally deprived
      • working class involves having nothing to sell but their labour
      • working class have 2 values:
        • fatalistic- give up ("what's the point?")
        • immediate gratification- working as soon as they leave school
    • parental interest
      • working class parents are less ambitious for their children
        • children are therefore less motivated
      • working class do not see the point in education
      • working class parents are less likely to go to parents evening
      • Douglas
      • However, working class parents may be interested but have no time due to their long shift hours


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